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Date Particulars
2018/12/04 Old Town White Coffee Orders Second Shot of Bus-BODY’s Proven Effectiveness
2018/11/19 “HKG My Flight” App Flies High with RoadShow Bus-SHELTER’s Innovative Dynamic Shelter-top
2018/11/14 Repossi Jewellery’s New Flagship Store Sparkles via RoadShow Bus-SHELTER campaign at The Peninsula HK
2018/11/09 RoadShow Bus-SHELTER Helps Schroders Boost Awareness of its Latest Fund Launch
2018/11/08 Bus-BODY’s Attractive Image is Ideal for HK Beauty and Fitness Centres
2018/10/16 RoadShow Bus-SHELTER’s Precise Geographic Targeting sharpens T. Rowe Price’s focus on affluent investors in Kowloon CBD
2018/10/15 Stimulate purchase levels with RoadShow Bus-BODY
2018/10/12 Maximize awareness of your brands with RoadShow Super Whole Bus
2018/10/11 RoadShow Interactive Giveaway Bus-SHELTER enables consumers to conjure up their perfect Kraft Heinz HK memories
2018/10/10 Enhanced out-of-the-box creative flexibility – it’s what makes RoadShow Bus-BODY so special
2018/10/09 Le Pont leverages uniquely comprehensive nature of RoadShow Bus-SHELTER platform
2018/09/14 RoadShow Bus-SHELTER delivers top-of-mind awareness for Manulife Asset Management by dominating in the CBD of Kowloon
2018/08/30 RoadShow’s 3D and 2D Die-Cut Shelter Top displays keep MO’s “MO BOX” moving
2018/08/27 RoadShow is ever-advancing with its triumph at Spark Awards 2018
2018/08/24 Presenting A Powerful New Format from RoadShow - Super Rear Plus
2018/08/23 RoadShow全新數碼平台 - 888 LAB
2018/08/21 RoadShow’s innovative new USB Charger Sticker format gets 5-hour Energy all powered up for success
2018/08/20 RoadShow Bus-BODY Finishes Top of the Form in Crayola’s First Bus Body Campaign
2018/08/17 RoadShow advances HK’s ambitious “Smart City” concept with pioneering cutting edge Digital Panel on the road
2018/08/16 RoadShow Bus-SHELTER provides Cheung Kong with perfect creative showcase for Seanorama
2018/08/14 SuperPark: Yet another client to insist on RoadShow Bus-BODY’s impact and frequency
2018/08/10 Convoy Financial mounts major rebranding campaign via RoadShow Bus-SHELTER in Tsim Sha Tsui & Mong Kok
2018/08/09 Successful Female/ Parent-Targeted Campaigns – RoadShow Bus-BODY delivers all these
2018/08/08 Youngsters chill out after seeing T.O.P’s RoadShow multi-platform!
2018/07/18 RoadShow Baleno x Peppa Pig Theme Bus Total Brand Experience Captures Everyone’s Imagination
2018/07/12 RoadShow Bus-SHELTER Shoots and Adidas Scores at 2018’s Biggest Soccer Showdown
2018/07/09 adidas Scores Big by Squeezing Superstars on Bus-BODY Super Whole Bus
2018/07/03 Blue Girl Beer’s Soccer-themed Promo Scores Big with RoadShow Bus-BODY and Bus-INTERIOR
2018/06/28 San Miguel says ‘cheers’ with innovative 70th anniversary Digital Panel domination campaign
2018/06/19 Bus-BODY – An effective medium for evolving awareness into action
2018/06/14 TCL’s new 4K Android TV’s Neymar Jr. campaign scores big with RoadShow Bus-INTERIOR
2018/06/08 Exclusive RoadShow Bus-SHELTER enables Laurier’s interactive giveaway campaign to engage huge numbers of customers
2018/06/01 RoadShow Bus-SHELTER acts as a Perfect Platform for Delivering the Samaritans’ Creativity
2018/05/18 ICBC makes a wise choice by choosing RoadShow Bus-SHELTER for its latest campaign
2018/05/18 HUAWEI highlights new P series via exclusive RoadShow Bus-SHELTER campaign
2018/05/07 MA PAK LEUNG’s Electro Luminescent Bus Turns Heads from Dawn to Dusk and beyond
2018/05/03 Abbott’s innovative its baby formula upgrade makes its debut on RoadShow Bus-SHELTER
2018/04/30 CRISTALLO’s RoadShow Bus-SHELTER turns high-end flat owners’ heads
2018/03/12 KFC serves up good fortune with engaging new Bus Top ads
2018/02/08 RoadShow Bus-SHELTER helps maximize Alipay’s sales during “Double 12” by zone domination in Mong Kok
2018/02/05 RoadShow accelerates ahead with new Chief Sales Officer
2018/01/23 RoadShow Bus-SHELTER mounted seasonal countdown panel for Tahoe to prove a big hit with local partygoers & New Multiple Stickers Format Enables KFC to Achieve Mouthwatering Dominance of Bus Interiors
2018/01/04 RoadShow Bus-SHELTER impact and reach a win-win proposition for SaSa’s outlet extension campaign
2017/12/21 RoadShow Bus-SHELTER enables Eclipse to spread Xmas joy
2017/11/28 RoadShow Bus-SHELTER strategically leverages consecutive Waterloo Road’s zone domination for KADOORIA
2017/10/26 RoadShow Engages Yakult Fans with Eye-catching Seat Back Stickers and AR Solution
2017/08/24 888LAB hits all the right social notes!
2017/07/28 YATA Pioneers HK’s First Ever Augmented Reality Bus-INTERIOR Campaign
2017/07/21 888 LAB launched property sector’s First Facebook LIVE Campaign
2017/07/17 RoadShow Bus Power’s Electro Luminescent Bus
2017/06/29 RoadShow Gives You MORE!
2017/06/09 RoadShow BUS-SHELTER Launch – 1 July 2017
2016/09/22 Newsletter (2016: Issue 2) Anlene Makes HK People Move Young with 350 IN-BUS Staircases Painting
2016/04/01 Newsletter (2016: Issue 1) Country Garden’s “Forest City” WOWS the CITY via 700-plus BUS-BODY ads
2015/03/16 Newsletter (2015: Issue 1) HK2gather Wins Conveted Best Lifestyle & Entertainment App Award
2014/10/30 Newsletter (2014: Issue 14) RoadShow's Brand New Aberdeen Tunnel Billboards!
2014/10/22 Newsletter (2014: Issue 13) Hugo Boss Styles Up Central!
2014/08/26 Newsletter (2014: Issue 12) Star Ferry Free Ride Day - Promote with the Entire Ferry Route!
2014/07/31 Newsletter (2014: Issue 11) Get Set to Capture the Eyes of Even More Cross Harbour Tunnel Users!
2014/06/25 Newsletter (2014: Issue 10) Adidas kicks off Brazil 2014 World Cup campaign with impactful GIANT Hung Hing Road Billboard
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2014/04/22 Newsletter (2014: Issue 8) Back to Priscilla 30th Anniversary Concert
2014/04/14 Newsletter (2014: Issue 7) ECO Star Awards 2013
2014/04/11 Newsletter (2014: Issue 6) The Amazing Spider-Man flies high in our 8-in-1 Billboard
2014/03/13 Newsletter (2014: Issue 5) Best Loved Brands Awards 2013
2014/03/05 Newsletter (2014: Issue 4) The Third Canon X McDull "Inter-school Ink Cartridge Recycling Completition" rolls around!
2014/02/27 Newsletter (2014: Issue 3) Harnessing Year of Horse Happiness with our Agencies Allies
2014/01/24 Newsletter (2014: Issue 2) Project PC needy reboot CSR initiative
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